25 thoughts on “News reporter catches auto repair shops!”

  1. $85 to replace a $4 fuse?! And that was one of the good ones?! Man thank
    god I’m teaching myself how to work on my car. This industry is so
    unscrupulous and its because of intense competition unfortunately. A car
    mechanic is getting $13-$15 hour tops starting and if it’s the west coast
    he’s most likely mexican so he’s got 3-5 kids to feed at home. So he has to
    cheat to make ends meet.

  2. I believe the auto repair industry is treated unfairly from all the other
    fields. My blue collar worker brother has told me that if he were to
    accidentally break a part while trying to fix a system, it’ll be the owner
    that pays the cost. Why? Because if they knew how to fix their A/C, they
    wouldn’t be calling him to do it.
    The truth is that you learn your particular trade whatever it is so that
    you don’t have to learn about all the others (Unless you’re MacGyver). You
    have the money to go to a repair shop. Getting ripped off in any service
    industry (or in many cases as well, the tech just doesn’t know everything
    about the field) is part of the cost of not having spent your life learning
    this yourself.

    My dad who is a car nut didn’t like that my sister never wanted to save
    money by changing the oil herself. Her view on it was that she went to
    school and got a good paying job (makes more money in her 20s than my dad
    did when he was retiring), so that she wouldn’t have to deal with that
    stuff. Her weekends are free to do as she likes. Not the endless quest to
    save money.

    Now that computers are everywhere, you find all the stories about how Geek
    Squad rips off people. The medical industry is practically based on over
    charging for their services.

    The Takeaway – Go to school and get a better paying job than the service
    industries that *will* on occasion rip you off.
    But if you really want to save money, ditch the car and learn to walk or
    take the bus.

  3. I took my car there once for a clutch kit, they were trying to charge me
    $1000.00 for this job. I went to another mechanic and he stated that my
    clutch was ok. That same clutch lasted about another 6yrs. GO

  4. I hate when people say “just educate yourself” about every fucking
    specialty field. When a doctor suggest something, get a second opinion or
    Educate yourself. When your furnish has issues, don’t just trust the person
    just Educate yourself. I understand taking some level of responsibility
    ownership for what’s yours but if you’re already educated in your field and
    do it 8 hours a day, have a family, etc… there is going to be a
    population out there that just won’t have the time to “educate themselves”
    on every fucking specialty skill. We have to rely on some sort of referee
    so I like undercover specials like that or the BBB. We need more of it!!!! 

  5. here’s whar happened… the mechanic knew you were an idiot and since you
    wanted the rotation for no reason. And since you were not actually paying
    for it… aka used a coupon, he didnt do it because you didnt need it and
    put it on the bill to put a smile on your stupid face. Little did he
    know… you were an asshole. You didnt get charged extra or sold something
    you didnt need and got uour oil changed for $20. Shut the fuck up and go

  6. I bet they did not pick the shops at random. They probably picked the ones
    that were known to be shady so it would confirm the news story. Also, why
    all the cloak and dagger work? You should have called him out straight
    That said, it is a shame that there are dishonest people in the auto
    industry, but like another person said here, that just makes the honest
    mechanics (like me) get more business(once you hve cemented a good
    reputation with your customer base.)

  7. Polutio circulatio valve?Ive ever heard tat before.PCV stads for positive
    crackcase vetilatio.(sorry the button for the letter between m & o i the
    alphabet o m keyboard doest work.)first mistake is taking our car to a
    mexica to ve it fixed.Ive ever met oe tat knows what the are doing i a
    trade especially auto repair.

  8. I’ve been working at dealerships for about 6 years and I absolutely love
    this bit. The problem is what you would expect from any profession- a
    multitude of idiotic, clueless crooks that ruin the reputation for the
    actual professionals.

  9. I’m afraid this is common practice in this industry. I worked at a name
    brand place for about 4 months. the ripoffs that I saw there made me
    quit. I learned about mechanics so I could fix what was broken. not work
    on commission and replace parts that I can get away with selling to someone
    because they don’t know better. now I just do it on the side for myself
    and family/friends. I have saved thousands of dollars in labor costs. you
    can learn a ton of information these days on you tube alone. Check out
    Scotty Kilmer, Chris Fix, and Eric the Auto Guy. they have lots of videos
    on how to do simple repairs, and even more complex stuff. 

  10. Im sad to say that I have had to become MY OWN mechanic, accountant,
    mortgage broker, real estate agent, plumber, and electrician….

    NOBODY will do the work right…. no matter how much I pay.. this is a
    reality in today’s world

  11. Now if Audra lived close by here in Iowa, I would go do business with her.
    I have a Mechanic who’s not well known, but damn does he fix the car when I
    ask him to. It isn’t, “It’s gotta be this wire, or some pump going bad”.
    Last job I had done with him was oil leaking on the ground and he fixed it
    the same day charging 25% of what anyone else would charge so you knew you
    had a good deal and want to keep your account good with him. btw…..Oil
    plug on one side of the engine was going bad, so damn simple it cost only
    $35 where I had $100 on me, expecting to pay that amount to get this
    accomplished. He does this at his home garage out in the suburbs where ppl
    don’t bother you. He owns at least 2 acres of land.

  12. You people need to check out Royal Car care on pearl rd in Brunswick
    Ohio,They got my Mom for $2400.00 dollars an her car was still not fixed

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